Paranormal Era

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Paranoic Personality Promotional CD (2017, Ear Music LC36979)

This rare promotional CD comes in a simple folded paper sleeve and includes the album version of Paranoic Personality only (the disc is a blue CD-R type offering).


The back of the wallet sleeve includes a sticker on the clear wallet stating:


'earMUSIC is proud to announce the worldwide signing of legendary shock-rocker Alice Cooper. "Paranormal", Alice Cooper's new studio album, his first in 6 years, is to be released on July 28th, 2017 on ear MUSIC.  The 12-track album has been recorded in Nashville with long-time collaborater Bob Ezrin and features a very special bonus CD - a mini-album consisting of three brand new songs written and recorded together with the original Alice Cooper band.


Alice Cooper will be touring extensively this year in support of "Paranormal", visiting cities in the USA, Europe, Australasia'.


The mention of 3 brand new songs involving the original Alice Cooper Group on the bonus CD didn't end up being correct, as it eventually only featured Genuine American Girl and You And All Of Your Friends. It may, however, may have possibly been referring to Rats, which did involve all the surviving members of the Group and ended up on the album proper.


My Valuation: £40

Paranoic Personality 7" Vinyl Single (2017, Ear Music 0212202EMU)

This 7" white vinyl single features the album version of Paranoic Personality from Paranormal on Side A plus the excellent version of I'm Eighteen from the Live From The Astroturf single (which was recorded at Good Records in Dallas in 2015).


The single, like the album, features a bold cover with Alice in spider eye make-up set against a bright white background.


My Valuation: £25 

Paranormal Standard CD Album (2017, Ear Music 0212146EMU)

This standard version of Paranormal comes in a digi-book featuring 2 CDs, the first of which contains the 10-track album with the other being a bonus CD featuring 2 songs by the surviving Alice Cooper Group members (Genuine American Girl and You And All Of Your Friends) plus 6 live tracks from Alice's solo show of May 2016 at Columbus, Ohio.


Inside the case is a creepy panoramic photo of Alice and a booklet featuring track listings, credits and some more photos of Alice (this time with only one head, thankfully).


My Valuation: £15

Paranormal Limited Edition CD Album (2017, Ear Music 0212146EMU)

This limited edition version of Paranormal on CD features a deceptively deep box containing the standard CD (above) plus a Parnormal-themed t-shirt that is folded to within an inch of its life (which frustratingly only came in extra large size, so pretty useless to many fans).  


On the rear of the case is a sticker showing the contents and confirming the tracks. Randomly, the sticker is orientated the other way to the cover, so you have to turn the box to read it. 


Overall, this is pretty cool but in reality doesn't really offer much of interest over the standard CD. A choice of t-shirts would definitely have helped!


My Valuation: £40

Paranormal 'Tour Edition' CD Album (2017, Ear Music 0212486EMU)

This CD version of Paranormal was released just before the 2017 UK tour and was marketed on Amazon as a 'Tour Edition'.  Any excitment ends there though as it is actually just a stripped down version of the original release and there is no actual reference to it being the Tour Edition on the packaging itself.  Just 1 CD is contained in a jewel case, which features the full album and 2 bonus tracks bolted on at the end (the live material is dropped entirely).   


The most notable aspect of this release is that it probably features the largest hype sticker that I've ever seen for a CD.  It obliterates nearly half of the front cover!


My Valuation: £10

Paranormal Vinyl Album (2017, Ear Music 0212198EMU)

This vinyl version of Paranormal is limited to 3,000 units worldwide and features a nice gatefold sleeve design complete with great blown-up images of Alice on both the inside and vinyl sleeves.  The album is provided on 2 glossy black, 180 gram discs containing 3 tracks each. 


An interesting aspect of the vinyl release is that the 2 tracks with the surviving Alice Cooper Group members that featured on the bonus disc of the CD version are now provided between Rats and The Sound Of A (one would argue, where they should have been in the first place) so they essentially now form part of the album proper.


The other item of note is that the live tracks that also featured on the bonus disc of the CD version are neatly provided on a bonus CD of their own, which comes in a simple card sleeve.  This is a very nice touch by Ear Music and makes you feel that no expense has been spared in offering fans good value for money.  The only thing missing from this excellent offering is a download code for the tracks on MP3 format. 


My Valuation: £50

Paranormal Vinyl Album (2017, Ear Music 0212198EMU)

In addition to the black vinyl version of Paranormal (above), an alternative red vinyl version was also produced.  This was also limited to 3,000 copies and is exactly the same other than the distinctive red 180 gram discs and a slightly different 'hype' sticker on the front (see photo below).  As with the black vinyl, this is a great package and well worth getting hold of.


My Valuation: £50