Other Items

Lunch Box

NECA, 2000

This rather cool metal lunch box features the image of Alice's eyes off From The Inside.  The eyes are slightly elevated from the rest of the box which is a nice feature.  The sides of the box feature later images of Alice in concert.


This is a nice item and is now used to store some of my smaller Alice items.

Japanese Mini LP Cases

These hard-to-find cases are designed to hold the Japanese Mini LPs from Pretties For You through to From The Inside (the first 6 going in the Billion Dollar Babies case and the other 6 in the Welcome To My Nightmare case).  Like the respective Mini LPs themselves, the cases mimic the original vinyl release covers front and back meaning that the Welcome To My Nightmare case has the tracks listed whereas Billion Dollar Babies is just the blank snakeskin effect.


These cases are the perfect way to round off the Mini LP collection with the CDs safely / snuggly fitting inside and within easy access.  Fingers cross that the latter Alice Cooper albums get the same treatment!

Front View
Side View 1 (With CDs)
Side View 2

Heritage Award Ceremony Glasses

These novelty glasses were, I believe, a novelty item handed out to attendees at Alice's Cooperstown bar in Phoenix when he received the 2012 Heritage Award from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  They are made of plastic, have Alice's famous snake eyes printed on the lenses and come complete with a Heritage Awards tag.

Alice Cooper Money Clip and Billion Dollar Bills

2013, Nightmare Inc.

This metal money clip, complete with 5 Billion Dollar Bills, was sold on the official Alice Cooper website store in 2013.  The bills are different to those dished out by Alice at his concerts and feature an image of him from the Welcome 2 My Nightmare era.


Front View

Alice Cooper Mask (2015, Trick Or Treat Studios)

This gruesome looking mask is produced by Trick Or Treat Studios and is officialy licensed by Alice Cooper.  It is made of rubber with authentic looking hair attached, there are also holes above the eyes so you can see where you're going when wearing it.  


Some fans have stated that it doesn't look very much like Alice but I think it looks ok.  It's certainly very scary, this is something my little daughter will agree with as she wouldn't stop crying when she saw me in it!

Front View
Front View 2
Front View 3
Tag View 1
Tag View 2
Me wearing the mask!

Alice Half Skull Design Signed Print


This print features the famous Alice Half Skull design by artist Airic Brumitt which, most famously, featured on the T-shirt worn by Alice on the cover of the Trash album.  It is personalised and signed by the artist.

Dr Dreary's Snakes! Museum Signed Poster


This fantastic poster was produced to advertise Dennis Dunaway's (AKA Dr Dreary's) Snakes! museum, which featured a rare collection of Alice Cooper group artifacts, at the 2015 Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey.  


It is personally signed by Dennis himself plus former Alice Cooper group members Michael Bruce and Neal Smith.

Front View

Poison Soundwave Framed Poster

2015, Concert Live

This framed poster is limited to 20 units (or at least it is alleged to by Concert Live) and features the No More Mr Nice Guy artwork set against the soundwave pattern of Poison.  This one is marked as #5 of 20.

Front View

Cooperstown Baseball

Unknown Year

This interesting item is from Alice's 'Cooperstown' restaurant in Phoenix.  It features a cool snakeskin design and the Cooperstown logo, complete with Alice using a guitar as a bat, on either side.

Front View

Dali Alice Cooper 3D Hologram Crystal

2016, The Dali Museum

Alice Cooper and Dennis Dunaway had always been big admirers of revered surrealist painter Salvador Dali.  Conversley, Dali was also a fan of the Alice Cooper group and a friendship (particularly with Alice) was to develop based on mutual appreciation for one another's art.


In 1973 Dali invited Alice to be the subject of the world's first ever 3D hologram.  Typically for Dali, this was not something mundane with Alice furnished in lavish jewellery accompanied by an external brain comprising a chocolate eclair and ants.  Wierd huh!

This brilliant crystal by the Dali Museum replicates the hologram in excellent detail.  It also features a light at the base which brightly illuminates it.

Front View 1
Front View 2
Side View 1
Side View 2
Rear View

Neal Smith Signed Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Drumsticks


These great signed drumsticks celebrate the 2011 induction of the Alice Cooper Group into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and are each hand-signed by Neal Smith (the Platinum God) himself.

Alice Cooper Scratch Cards

2018, Arizona Lottery

Arizona Lottery launched this cool range of $5 scratch cards for a short period of time during the fall of 2018.  Only available within Arizona state, 3 different variants were produced, with different images of Alice and scratching motifs on the front.  Each featured exactly the same game and a chance to win up to $50,000 if your numbers matched any of the 'Winning Numbers' at the top of the card (if you were a winner, you then won the prize stated beneath your Winning Number).  


Non-winning participants could also enter a '2nd Chance' competition, by entering their unique code onto either the Arizona Lottery website or App.  The prize was VIP tickets to Alice Cooper's Annual Christmas Pudding Concert in December 2018 and Alice Cooper merchandise.


Due to the limited production and geographic availability of these scratch cards, obtaining them was quite difficult.  Some hardcore fans managed to get 'Voided' cards for free from Arizona Lottery, but only a handful were produced, so I had to resort to buying used examples on eBay.  As you can see in the photos, the seller only scratched the first 2 cards minimally to retain their aesthetic appeal.  This was before they learned that they could just scrath the barcode at the bottom and scan it to find out if they had a winning card, which is why the 3rd card appears almost entirely unused.