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Billion Dollar Babies, Battle Axe Vinyl Album

1977, Polydor, PD-1-6100

Following the split of the original Alice Cooper group in the early 1970's, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith formed a new group alongside Bob Dolin and Mike Marconi.  With the name of the orginal group already taken by their former lead singer, the new band instead adopted the title of their most successful album (Billion Dollar Babies).  Glen Buxton was not involved in this project due to his well known health issues at the time.


Sadly, Billion Dollar Babies only released one album, 1977's Battle Axe, and also only managed to perform a handful of live shows to promote it's release.  The underlying reason for their failure to succeed was undoubtably the absence of Alice, however, their demise was expedited by an unfortunate issue with the original pressing of the vinyl album and the tour being cut short due to cashflow problems.  This is a real shame as Battle Axe is a pretty good album and proof that the original band members had plenty to offer still (we knew that already, of course).


In keeping with the low budget, the vinyl album comes in a simple card sleeve and features pictures of the band members on the back.  Perfectly functional but very different to the lavish albums that the Alice Cooper group were renowned for.


Billion Dollar Babies didn't stick around for long but Battle Axe is a bit of a hidden gem and well worth hunting out.

Billion Dollar Babies, Rock 'N' Roll Radio 7" Promotional Vinyl Single

1977, Polydor, PD-14394

Billion Dollar Babies released 2 singles from the Battle Axe album, Rock 'N' Roll Radio and Too Young, both of which are featured below.


This USA promotional 7" vinyl single features white Polydor Warner labels, comes in a Polydor paper sleeve, and includes Mono and Stereo versions of Rock 'N' Roll Radio on Sides A and B respectively.  This was a common feature of promotional singles at the time, as it enabled radio stations to play songs on both AM (Mono) and FM (Stereo) stations.

Billion Dollar Babies, Too Young 7" Promotional Vinyl Single

1977, Polydor, PD-14406

This USA promotional 7" vinyl single features white Polydor Warner labels, and includes Mono and Stereo versions of Too Young on Sides A and B respectively.

Billion Dollar Babies, Complete Battle Axe CD Album

2001, NMC Music, 800945 007726

Although the original vinyl version of Battle Axe (above) can still be found quite easily, there has sadly never been an official release on CD.  However, in 2001 this excellent (but by all counts, totally unauthorised) triple CD set was offered by NMC Music.  This really is a treasure trove of material with owners getting the original 12 tracks from Battle Axe on CD 1, 11 demos on CD 2 and 10 tracks from their first ever live show in Flint, Michigan in 1977 (including some Alice Cooper group songs).  Some of the recordings are a bit hit or miss but it's great to be able to hear this music.


Also included in the set is an exellent booklet, which includes a biography, concert photos, an interview with Michael Bruce and a foreword by Carlton Sandercock.

No More Mr Nice Guy Boxset


Humanary Stew, A Tribute To Alice Cooper CD Album

1999, Eagle Records, EAGCD062

Unity, Athens 2004 Olympic Games CD Album

2004, Capital Music, 72434730832