Pretties For You Era

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Pretties For You CD Album (1989, Rhino 81227 9927)


This is a very basic CD in a jewel case.  The insert is also very basic and merely states the track listings and credits.  Alice is stated as providing vocals and the harmonica.

Pretties For You 'Mini LP' SHM CD Album (Unknown Year / Manufacturer)

In around 2010, all the Alice Cooper albums from Pretties For You through to From The Inside were re-issued in Japan on SHM CD format.  SHM CD's are, according to Wikipedia, made of improved material, that provides a clearer medium for the reading of the data and so reduces read errors and thus can improve sound quality.


The notable feature of the SHM releases is that they all recreated the original vinyl releases.  In the case of Pretties For You, this was a fairly basic release in the first place so this is obviously reflected here.

NOTE: A further CD copy of this album is included in 'The Studio Albums 1969-1983' boxset and be seen here.

Pretties For You 12" Vinyl Album (1969, Straight STS 1051)

This original pressing of Pretties For You was released in 1969 and is in outstanding overall condition given its age.  It was purchased from someone who had owned it since new and had only played it a few times, making this a true collectable.


It has a gatefold design featuring images of the band members on the inside.  The easiest way to tell that it's a first pressing is the presence of the soon-to-be-discontinued orange 'Straight' labels on the disc, plus the vinyl sleeve which advertises Frank Zappa's 'Zapped' album.


Several of the 1st pressings of this album were censored, with a sticker placed over the women's underwear.  This copy did not suffer such a fate with no sticky residue present, like many other copies, to suggest that it was once censored.

Pretties For You 12" Vinyl Album (1970, Straight STS 1051 and WS 1840)

This 1970 copy of Pretties For You is the 3rd pressing of this album, comes on the Straight label and features the pink Straight vinyl labels.  


Released a year after the first pressing, it retains the same gatefold layout but is notable for having the original pressing code on the front sleeve (STS 1051) but the Warner Brother code on the vinyl labels (WS 1840, which was used for future issues).


This copy is in good overall condition for such a scarce album that's now over 40 years old.

Pretties For You 12" Vinyl Album (2011, Warner Brothers WS 1840)

As most Alice Cooper fans know, picking up a good condition copy of the original 1969 release (at a good price) is not easy.  This Warner Brothers 180 gram re-issue is, therefore, most welcomed.  


It's a very straightforward package with a sleeve case and no additional material other than the disc itself.  Well worth snapping up a copy though so you can hear this infamous album the way it was supposed to be heard.

Pretties For You 12" Vinyl Album (2017, Warner Brothers RCV1 1840)

This 180 gram vinyl re-issue of Pretties For You features a gatefold sleeve design (which closely resembles the original release, above) and a nice red vinyl.  The disc features the familiar green Warner Bros labels and was limited to 6,000 copies worldwide.


It was released as part of the 2017 'Rocktober' event along with re-issues of Love It To Death and Special Forces, all of which followed on from the 2016 Rocktober re-issue of Billion Dollar Babies.

Pretties For You Live In NYC DVD (2016)

In November 2015 music artist Nick Didkovsky (and founder of the band Doctor Nerve) was offered a week long residency at the experimental and intimate New York music venue The Stone.  


As a massive fan of Pretties For You, and having never experienced live versions of the albums' songs (and let's face it, very few people did as they stopped playing this material in 1970), he took the opportunity one night to perform the entire album from start to finish in front of a live audience of music fans (including some hardcore Alice Cooper fans from around the world).  Also joining them, were very special guests Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith from the original Alice Cooper group, both of whom provided expert advice during the pereperation of the show.  Cindy Dunaway Smith also produced an excellent Pretties For You inspired shirt, which Nick wore and is pictured on the DVD.


The outome is an outstanding interpretation of the album which is a more than worthy substiute for the lack of anything similar from Alice and co.  Paul Bertolino (who performs with an Alice tribute band called My Stars) makes a great young Alice and after a while you begin to think that you are actually watching the original group.  To top off proceedings, Dennis even joins in for the Encore which features Nobody Likes Me, Yeah Yeah Yeah and You Drive Me Nervous.


Absolutely brilliant, let's have Easy Action as well please!


I have since managed to get the disc signed by Dennis Dunaway and Cindy Dunaway Smith.