Live From The Astroturf Motion Picture

The Path To The Silver Screen

In January 2019, Good Records partnered with Rolling Stone to announce that a Live From The Astroturf concert movie would premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival between 04th-14th April 2019.  A trailer for the premiere was also produced and uploaded to the official Live From The Astroturf website.


Good Records Promotional Text:


To unleash the movie of the historic event, we’re going back to where it all started. Phoenix, Arizona, birthplace of the original Alice Cooper group, will be the first city you’ll be able to witness this concert film/documentary. There will be multiple screenings during the Phoenix Film Festival, which takes place from April 4th through the 14th at the Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101. Special guests will be in attendance.


Eagle-eyed fans were already aware that a film was on its way, as a fairly discrete advert for it was included on the double-sided poster that came free with the 12" vinyl release that was released in November 2018.


On 27th February 2019, Chris Penn appeared on Fox 4 to promote that movie and also confirmed that it would also be shown at the Dallas International Film Festival between 11th-18th April 2019.


On 08th March 2019, it was confirmed that the movie would would also be shown at the Detroit Film Festival between 10th-14th April 2019.


To be continued...