Live From The Astroturf Motion Picture

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The Path To The Silver Screen

In January 2019, Good Records partnered with Rolling Stone to announce that a Live From The Astroturf concert movie would premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival between 04th-14th April 2019.  A trailer for the premiere was also produced and uploaded to the official Live From The Astroturf website.


Good Records Promotional Text:


To unleash the movie of the historic event, we’re going back to where it all started. Phoenix, Arizona, birthplace of the original Alice Cooper group, will be the first city you’ll be able to witness this concert film/documentary. There will be multiple screenings during the Phoenix Film Festival, which takes place from April 4th through the 14th at the Harkins Theatres Scottsdale 101. Special guests will be in attendance.


Eagle-eyed fans were already aware that a film was on its way, as a fairly discrete advert for it was included on the double-sided poster that came free with the 12" vinyl release that was released in November 2018.


On 27th February 2019, Chris Penn appeared on Fox 4 to promote that movie and also confirmed that it would also be shown at the Dallas International Film Festival between 11th-18th April 2019.


On 08th March 2019, it was confirmed that the movie would also be shown at the Detroit (Freep) Film Festival between 10th-14th April 2019.


On 05th April 2019, AZ Central produced a fine article about the movie and it's upcoming premiere at the Phoenix Film Festival (this was subsequently updated with post festival material).  

Alice Cooper Royalty Attend The Premiere

The world premiere of the Live From The Astroturf movie took place at the Phoenix Film Festival on Friday 05th April.  Those lucky enough to attend were treated to a stellar red carpet audience including Director Steven Gaddis, mastermind and Executive Producer Chris Penn, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, Alice Cooper and Neal Smith.  All attendees received a commemorative ticket and press-on 'Live From The Astroturf' tattoo modelled on the classic School's Out dagger-through-heart design.  


Attending in memory of Glen Buxton was his sister Janice and brother Ken. A lovely additional touch was a seat dedicated to Glen, which was flanked by a shirt of the Blonde Bomber himself (see image below).

Phoenix Film Festival Promotional Banner (image by Chris Penn)
Steven Gaddis, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway and Chris Penn (photo by Mark Bowman)
Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Alice Cooper and Dennis Dunaway (photo by Mark Bowman)
Chris Penn with Alice's Road Manager Toby Mamis (photo by Mark Bowman)
Glen's seat in the theatre (photo by Ken Buxton)
Press-on 'Live From The Astroturf' tattoo (photo by Chris Penn)
World Premiere ticket (image by Mark Bowman)

Alice Cooper superfan Paul Brenton also attended and organised an Earwigs / Spiders tour at the Group's original home.  This included a trip to Cortex High School, the Alice Cooper exhibit at the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum and the former homes of Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway.  The tour was partly attended by Dennis and Cindy Dunaway themselves and Monica Lauer and will have been a priceless experience!


A great highlights video of the tour by Shock Opera can be seen here.

Dennis Dunaway looks over his former running track at Cortex High School (photo by Patrick Brzezinski)
The Earwigs / Spiders tour takes in early Phoenix gig venue Dunes (photo by Paul Brenton)
Cindy and Dennis Dunaway outside Dennis' old Phoenix home (photo by Paul Brenton)

Premiere weekend ended in fine fashion with the movie being awarded the Phoenix Film Festival 'Best Documentary Short' award.

Chris Penn, Steven Gaddis, Dennis Dunaway and Cindy Dunaway-Smith celebrate the Phoenix Film Festival 'Best Documentary Short' award (photo by Patrick Brzezinski)

Finally, Dennis Dunaway posted a great blog about his attendance of the premiere on his website on 02nd May 2019.

Detroit and Beyond...

In advance of its debut appearance at the Freep Film Fesitval in Detroit on Thursday 11th April 2019, the Detroit Free Press published an article on the motion picture and how it came to be.
On Friday 12th April 2019 Talkin' Rock with Meltdown published a great 40-minute recorded interview with Dennis Dunaway and Steve Gaddis.
On Sunday 12th May 2019, Dennis Dunaway posted another blog on his website about his attendance at the Freep Film Festival.
On Thursday 18th April 2019 Live From The Astroturf picked up its 2nd award, scooping the Dallas Film Festival 'Documentary Audience Award'.
Freep Film Festival Promotional Banner (image by Chris Penn)
Dallas Film Festival Promotional Banner (image by Chris Penn)

On 01st May 2019, it was confirmed that the movie would also be shown at the Northeast Mountain Film Festival in Dillard, Georgia, between 14th-16th June 2019.

Northeast Mountain Film Festival Promotional Banner (image by Chris Penn)

On Tuesday 07th May 2019 Live From The Astroturf picked up 2 more awards, scooping 'REMI's for 'Documentary Under 60 Minutes' and 'Editing' at the 52nd Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival.

Live From The Astroturf Awards Roll Call (image by Chris Penn)