Live From The Astroturf 12" Album

Unfinished Business

The Live From The Astroturf 7" release in 2016 was not only an undoubted success but also helped to re-ignite fans' passion for the original Alice Cooper Group.  Almost as soon as people got hold of the single, there were calls by many to see a release by Good Records of the full 8-track setlist at their store in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday 06th October 2015.


Many people's prayers were answered when just such a release was announced on the Record Store Day website on Tuesday 09th October 2018.  As with the 7" single, the LP was to be a vinyl only affair (to the masses at least) and would be released on the corresponding Record Store Day in 2018 (Black Friday, 23rd November 2018).


Limited to just 3,000 units nationally across the USA (500 more than the mainstream 7" single), the original description of the release was as follows:


Full instore performance from the legendary night October 6, 2015. Includes a double sided 24”x36” poster, a 11”x11” 16 page booklet/program, 6 trading cards, each b-side of LP will feature a different member at random, there will be 10 different color variants at random in mofi sleeves and each silver foil board gatefold jacket will be stamped and numbered.


1. Caught In A Dream 2. Be My Lover 3. I'm Eighteen 4. Is It My Body 5. No More Mr Nice Guy 6. Under My Wheels 7. School's Out 8. Elected.


Many fans were quick to point out the significance of the release, 50 years on from the renaming of 'The Nazz' to 'Alice Cooper'.  This was extremely well received as there was considerable dissapointment that 2018, to that point in time at least, had failed to provide Alice Cooper Group fans with any notable celebration of this landmark occasion (no shows with the surviving members, no special releases, nothing).  

Record Store Day Release Information

Excitement levels shifted into overdrive a week later when Good Records released a fantastic promotional music video for Under My Wheels featuring caricatures of the Alice Cooper Group, plus Good Records owner (and Live From The Astroturf mastermind) Chris Penn.  


The video primarily focused on the performance at Good Records that the audio recording is taken from, but also gives a nice nod to the 2017 shows featuring the surviving Alice Cooper Group members at Nashville, Tennessee and the United Kingdom plus the studio recording of new songs for the Paranormal album (also released in 2017).   

Promotional Image for the Under My Wheels music video

On 07th November 2018, an article in the Dallas Observer confirmed that the previously announced 3,000 national copies would be joined by a Good Records Edition that would be limited to 1,000 copies.  This was very simmilar to the original 7" release whereby 200 Good Records Editions joined the wider release of 2,300 copies.


It was also confirmed in the same article that there would be a staggering 15 different colour variants of the 12" release (the 7" had 'just' 5) with 12 allocated to the worldwide release and 3 to the Good Records Edition.


It was also confirmed that:


> The vinyl would be pressed at Goota Groove in Clevaland (who also pressed the 7" version) and would come housed in a double-gatefold sleeve printed at Imprint Indie Printing in Florida;


> It would feature trading cards, just like the Billion Dollar Babies LP; and 


> The inside of the record sleeve would have pink AstroTurf along with a booklet with pictures, a short handwritten note from Alice Cooper and an essay written by Dennis Dunaway.

Live From The Astroturf 12" Promotional Image 1
Live From The Astroturf 12" Promotional Image 2
On 16th November 2018, Guitar World premiered an 'Unboxing' video featuring Alice Cooper himself taking the album for a spin.  This not only gave fans a first proper look at the elaborate packaging, but also a chance to see many of the vinyl colours in all their glory.
The Unboxing with Alice Cooper

To be continued...