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Raise The Dead Live From Wacken, Promo DVD and CD Set (2014, UDR 0331A_PR)

This promotional DVD and CD set features a simple paper sheet and the 3 discs (each with simple black and white print).  The rear of the sheet contains the track listings for the DVD only (the content of the DVD and CDs is identical to the retail version, however).


My Valuation: £30

Front View
Inside View
Rear View

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken, Promo DVD and CD Set (2014, UDR 0331A_PR)

This is the same as the above but comes in a clear jewel case and is sealed.

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Rear View

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken, Blu-Ray and CD Set (2014, UDR 0335)

In 2014, UDR released Alice's headline appearance at the 2013 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.  The performance saw Alice perform at twlight in front of approximately 80,000 people, this provides a very different experience to previous live releases filmed at indoor venues in front of much smaller crowds.


This version comprises a Blu-Ray disc of the concert plus 2 audio CDs featuring the full live set.  The only songs missing on the Blu-Ray are the covers of Revolution and Foxy Lady that Alice performs during the 'Raise The Dead' section of the show (no big loss in my opinion).


The set comes packaged in a triple disc amaray case and features a nice booklet that is predominantly filled with some excellent photographs of the concert plus the usual credits.


The high definition images provided by the Blu-Ray mean that this is essential for all Alice fans.


My Valuation: £20    

Front View
Inside View
Booklet View 1 (image blurred for copyright reasons)
Booklet View 2 (image blurred for copyright reasons)
Rear View

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken, DVD and CD Set (2014, UDR 0330)

For those without a Blu-Ray player, this neat DVD / CD digi-pack was also released.  There are some nice additional (and rather spooky) images on the packaging and you still get the booklet, other than that the content is essentially the same although the footage obviously isn't as good on lower definition.


The booklet is slightly smaller than the Blu-Ray edition with some of the images either cropped or removed (see photo below).


My Valuation: £20

Front View
Inside View 1
Inside View 2
Booklet View (DVD version on left, Blu-Ray version on right)
Rear View

Raise The Dead Live From Wacken, Amazon Exclusive Boxset (2014, UDR 0337)

A few months after the release of the above 2 versions, Amazon released this spectacular, exclusive, and limited edition box set for about £50.  This was a lot more expensive than the other versions but was worth every penny as the content is quite brilliant.


For your money, you get a huge and beautifully presented box.  Inside, is a brilliant triple vinyl of the concert which is housed in an extravagent gatefold case.  The vinyl also looks fantastic as it's bright white but with red blood plattered all over it.  This is the epitomy of what a vinyl presentation should be and is something that CDs or MP3s can never match.


If that wasn't enough you then get a huge picture book.  This is very similar to what was offered in the Deluxe Edition of Super Duper Alice Cooper earlier in 2014 and makes for a great collectors item.  The images are those featured in the Blu-Ray and CD editions above plus several additional ones.  These include some really good (and quite rare) pre-concert pics of Alice complete with make-up (see images below).  As with the vinyl, this oozes class and is worht every penny in my opinion.


Again, as with the Super Duper Alice Cooper set, the back of the book contains the media content.  No cost is spared here with the Blu-Ray, DVD and 2 CDs provided.


This is one of the best Alice Cooper sets available and a great item for any collection.  It will be interesting to see what kind of money these go for in the future.


My Valuation: £200


Note: A cut-down version of this release became available in 2016, this came in the same box but features only black vinyl and the standard Blu-Ray release (see images below).

Front View
Inside View
Rear View
Vinyl Front View
Vinyl Inside View 1
Vinyl Inside View 2
Vinyl Inside View 3
Vinyl Inside View 4
Vinyl Inside View 5 (Disc 1 of 3)
Vinyl Rear View
Book Front View
Book Inside View 1 (image blurred for copyright reasons)
Book Inside View 2 (image blurred for copyright reasons)
Book Inside View 5
Book Rear View