Hollywood Vampires Era

School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall Promotional CD

2015, Universal Music

This promotional CD comes in a simple paper sleeve and features the radio edit of School's Out / Another Brick In The Wall only (the disc is a blue CD-R type offering).


At 4 minutes and 6 seconds, this track is about 1 minute shorter than the album version with slightly shorter versions of School's Out either side of the Another Brick In The Wall interlude.  Interestingly, Another Brick In The Wall starts straight after the "We might not come back at all" verse, rather than the instrumental section of the album version.  The join isn't quite as seemless but it still just about works.

Hollywood Vampires CD Album

2015, Universal Music, 0602547413918

This version comes in a jewel cases (complete with sticker on the front, listing the band and their special guests) and features a booklet containing a 5-page introduction by Bernie Taupin, track listings and credits.  The CD includes the 14 standard tracks.

Hollywood Vampires SHM CD Album

2015, Universal Music, UICY-15428

This version comes in a jewel case featuring an Obi strip and is almost identical to the above version.  The CD is slightly different though with less of a silver edge.  More importantly this version features the excellent additional track I'm A Boy, which appears as Track 11.  


The booklet is identical to the above version only with the addition of the details for the bonus track.  An additional black and white booklet in Japanese is also provided.


Being an SHM version the audio (apparently) sounds louder and crisper than the standard UK versions so this is probably worth picking up and using as your master copy for ripping to your MP3 device.

Hollywood Vampires Vinyl Album

2015, Universal Music, 602547483928

This vinyl album comes in a gatefold sleeve and features 2 discs, which contain the same tracks as the standard CD album.  Inside is provided the introduction by Bernie Taupin plus the track listings and credits from the CD version booklet.

Stage Balloon

This is a popped stage-used balloon from the Hollywood Vampires concert at London Wembley Arena on Wednesday 20th June 2018.


A whole load of them came down from the ceiling during the School's Out encore, with many of them landing on the stage and being popped by Alice's dagger.