Dada Era

Dada CD Album

2001, Warner Brothers, 7599-23969-2

This European CD version of Dada comes in a jewel case and features an 8-page booklet containing track listings, lyrics and credits.

NOTE: A further CD copy of this album is included in 'The Studio Albums 1969-1983' boxset and can be seen here.

Dada 12" Vinyl Album

1983, Warner Brothers, 92-3969-1

This UK vinyl version of Dada comes in a simple card sleeve and features a black vinyl disc complete with cream Warner Brothers labels.  On the rear of the sleeve are track listings, lyrcis and credits.

Dada 12" Vinyl Album

2018, Rhino Entertainment, 603497860760

This 140 gram vinyl re-issue of Dada is almost identical to the original release (above) only that it now has a nice 'Orange Swirl' vinyl and associated hype sticker on the front of the sleeve.  The disc features the familiar Warner Bros labels and was limited to 4,500 copies worldwide.